Fall Weather Pests

Looks like the cooler weather is finally showing up and with the new season, we’ll find it’s time to take care of those Fall Weather Pests that come with it. Here in Southeast Texas, when the temperature can change from cool, to warm to cold, sometimes all […]

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Brown Patch on your lawn?

Ever wonder what those circular spots of dead looking grass patches is on some lawns? This time of year, chances are it could be Brown Patch Fungus. Brown patch normally begins in late September or early October and runs through November or even December. The brown patch can usually […]

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Rodents – What now?

Rodents. As a homeowner, the thought of having a mouse, rat, raccoon or any other wildlife infiltrating your home can give you the heebie-jeebies. Rodents can be active year-round. Put in your due diligence and check for signs of activity. If you think you have a rodent […]

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Termites – Do you have them?

Termites are focused. They will relentlessly seek out wood sources to feed and grow their colony. They are looking for cellulose, which is the organic fiber found in dead wood and plant matter. They will even eat the cellulose-based material in drywall, paper and plastic. Termites never […]

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Termites-Do you know what they look like?

Termites. It’s that time of year again when most homeowners start to see termite swarmers and consider possible termite activity that might be lurking around their home. One thing to remember is termites are active the entire year, not just Spring. And with the conditions in our […]

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Crane Fly-shoo fly, don’t bother me

As I sit curled up watching my favorite show learning how to fend off Walkers, I notice hopping off my television and then slowly bouncing off my white walls drawing my attention to it instead of Rick and the gang is a flying, dreaded long legged flying […]

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Spiders – A frienemy in the home

For most people, spiders are a nuisance pest that show up in our home almost overnight. Not all spiders are bad though. Some actually help us by feeding on other insects such as roaches, earwigs, mosquitoes, flies and other disease carrying pests. They have even been known to […]

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Getting Rid of House Mice & the Diseases They Carry

There are many kinds of mice that are found in the Greater Houston, Texas area but the most common species found terrorizing locals is the dreaded house mouse. Like many rodents, house mice usually gain entry into homes and businesses by squeezing in through crevices, cracks and […]

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North American Millipede

With the fall season here, you may have noticed the millipedes are back again. Specifically, the North American millipede. The cooler, rainy weather provide the millipedes reason for them to appear seemingly out of nowhere and indicates the migration season is here. It could be a few […]

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Game of Pests, Winter is coming!

Ever feel you’re battling your own “Game of Thrones” with the pest seasons? You just want to protect your own kingdom. Keep the structure safe from the infiltrating pests and rodents from finding that one small break in the walls and sneak in right under your nose. […]

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