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and Nuisance Wildlife Management

Pests come in diverse shapes and sizes and your pest control company needs to be prepared to handle whatever Mother Nature throws at you, including rodents. Aside from mice and rats, we also work with possums, raccoons, skunks and other nuisance wildlife issues invading your living space. If you are looking for an effective method for permanently controlling rodents or nuisance wildlife from within your home or attic, then Bio-Tech Pest Control is here to help.

The process will begin with an inspection and consultation to determine the types of rodents that need to be addressed and work out a solution to remove these particular pests from your home once and for all.

Rodent Control Inspections

Rodent activity can occur any time of year. Seasonal weather changes and habitat destruction can drive rats, mice and larger wildlife to seek food and shelter from the elements and into your home. Rats and mice are notorious at infiltrating garages, voids in fences, openings in roofing, siding and more. If given the opportunity, rodents will simply slip through a crack in a door or window!

We offer rodent inspections for rats, mice and more. Our highly-trained rodent control experts can recommend ways to remove the rodents and keep rodents from getting inside your home.


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The first step is to install devices that are designed to catch your unwanted guests. The second step involves sealing the points of entry so that future rodents will not make themselves at home.

The final step includes removing accessible rodent contaminants.

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Mouse Control

Once the Rodent Control Exclusion process has been completed you will be given a one-year warranty. If during that time, more rodents return to your home, they will be removed at no extra cost to you. You can extend the warranty beyond the first year for a very reasonable rate.

Our Rodent Exclusions and Home Pest Control service work is backed by the Bio-Tech 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We make use of baits and/or live traps to remove rats and mice from your home. This eliminates the need for poisons that leave the animals free to flee to your walls or attic to die leaving a potent odor behind. Let us do the heavy lifting when it comes to rodent control so that you can get back to the important things in life with no worries over what these unwelcome guests may be leaving behind.

For an inspection,
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