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Designed as a master-planned community in the northeast section of Houston, Kingwood, TX is often referred to as “The Livable Forest”. Kingwood is composed of over 25 neighborhoods, known locally as “villages”, with beautiful, thick, wooded areas and numerous parks, nature preserves and greenbelts for walking, bike riding, hiking and more. The many villages of Kingwood also contain abundant wildlife.

When the weather turns cold and food becomes scarce, the close proximity of the animals to your house means your warm, cozy home is an attractive target. Food scraps, garbage, standing water, debris piles, etc. around your house may as well be a welcome mat. Combined with cracks or openings along your home’s foundation, gaps in doors, etc., makes pest infestation that much more likely.

Since most Kingwood, TX residents literally live within nature and among its inhabitants, homeowners must be extra vigilant when it comes to protecting themselves from pests. As mentioned above, you should take steps to eliminate nesting or breeding places to reduce the potential for pest population growth.

Take the time to survey the inside and perimeter of your residence, identifying possible sources of food. Open garbage containers, areas around garbage cans, scraps of food and loosely sealed food containers in cupboards are all targets for pests to set-up shop in your house. Standing water in and around your house can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insects. Wood piles and stacks of old newspapers outside your home can create nice living environments for termites. Gaps along the exterior of your residence, poorly fitting windows and doors with crevices around the frames, and openings near your roof or attic can allow entry to animals. Any of the above situations can lead to future pest problems.


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Bio-Tech Offers Small Town Service With Big City Results

For reliable pest exterminators in Kingwood, TX, if you want big city results with small town service you only have one real option: Bio-Tech Pest Control. We take great pride in our results without forgetting our commitment to customer service and satisfaction. You will never be treated as a number or just another name on our ‘to do’ list.

Since 1991, we have been serving the Kingwood, Texas area’s pest control needs. You will be hard pressed to find a company that has the in depth knowledge of the local pest situation, or the commitment to service that you will receive from Bio-Tech Pest Control each and every time.

In summary, pest control in Kingwood involves being aware of possible danger spots such as food sources and areas where pests may flourish close to your home. Learn to spot telltale signs of pests such as gnaw marks on food bags, small piles of food in cupboards and teeth marks on furniture.

Termites leave calling cards including tiny mud tunnels, piles of sawdust and visible deterioration of walls or wood around the home.

If you need further help or expert advice with the prevention of pest problems you may consider contacting a local Kingwood, TX pest control company like Bio-Tech Pest Control.

Once pests have moved into your home, most people are not equipped to handle the job of getting rid of the problem.

Baits, traps, pesticide, etc. can be ineffective or even dangerous when not handled properly.

Once-a-Year Kingwood, TX Pest Control Treatment

Our once-a-year pest control treatment is sure to please.

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Pest Exterminators in Kingwood TX

The warm and humid climate of the Kingwood, TX area, along with the heavy wooded sections and vegetation, provide the perfect living and breeding conditions for many types of animals and insects. Compared with urban neighborhoods where wildlife has long since been cleared away, for many Kingwood homeowners nature is literally in their backyards.

This close proximity to the outdoor elements creates unique conditions for pest control requirements. Animals and insects inhabit the wooded areas, our yards and depending on how inviting you make it, our homes.

Integrated Pest Management

Are you concerned about what chemicals come into contact with your family? We are too. We utilize the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) method of pest control, which means that we use different techniques in order to make every effort that our pest control measures pose the lowest possible impact your family (family pets included) and the environment.

By employing the latest technology and techniques we prevent pests from developing an immunity to our products, which will make them ineffective. We are continuously improving the level of service when it comes to your family’s needs. We also offer service plans and guarantees on many of our services so you have nothing to lose but a few pests by contacting us today.

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