Winter Rodent Control in Houston – part 2

Nov 20, 2010 | rodent control

In part 1 of this blog series we talked about some of the reasons rodent control in Houston, TX becomes a bigger concern during the winter. As temperatures drop, rodents begin to seek shelter in your home. One of the simplest strategies to keeping pests out of your home is to physically block their entry. Seal any cracks around the exterior of your house including your attic and basement, and any openings inside the house, for example around doors, fireplace, vents, etc. In part 2 we’ll discuss tips on how to keep your home clean and decrease the chances of rodent infestation in your home.

Just as rodents are looking to stay warm during winter months in Houston, they’re also looking for food! Any available food supply makes an attractive target for rodents and other pests and should be cleaned up to cut down on possible infestation. If you store food in kitchen cabinets or a pantry, be sure to keep it in sturdy containers. Any thin or loose-fitting food bag is no match for a hungry animal. The same goes for pet food and garbage. Keep pet food in a heavy plastic or metal container that can seal out unwanted critters and keep your garbage area clean. Promptly remove especially messy trash and any food waste and consider using a garbage container with a lid.

Taking precautionary steps to eliminate sources of entry and sources of food will go a long way toward keeping pests outside your Houston area home this winter. In part 3 we will discuss how to deal with pest infestation if these first two strategies were not enough.

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