Winter Rodent Control in Houston – part 1

Nov 12, 2010 | rodent control

As the temperature drops during fall and winter months, rodent control becomes an important concern here in Houston, TX. Just as humans and pets seek shelter inside cozy warm homes, so do unwelcome visitors including mice, rats and other animals. Rodents can represent a major health risk to you and your children as they can carry and transmit many different diseases. In order to avoid having these dirty, diseased pests in your home, check back to this blog often for advice and tips on how to keep your home safe and rodent free.

Rodent control in Houston consists of taking preventative measures and, if necessary, pest eradication. With this post we will touch on simple steps you can take to help prevent rodents from entering your home. Keeping pests out of your home means ensuring there are barriers to entry.

Mice can squeeze through a hole the size of a nickel, so be sure to seal any visible openings or cracks along the exterior or your house. Carefully look near windows and doors – as foundation settling can be significant in Houston, gaps will often appear along these areas. Be sure to also look for and seal any openings inside your home: look around your baseboards, behind kitchen cabinets and appliances, closets and other areas rodents may gain entry.

If the idea of dealing with rodents on your own does not appeal to you and you want to talk to the experts, contact us today at 281-296-6022 for a Free Rodent Pest Analysis of your home. We’d be happy to answer your rodent questions.

BIO-TECH PEST CONTROL can help you with:

* rodent identification

* taking proactive measures to discourage rodent infestations

* renewable rodent exclusion warranties for as long as you own the home

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Check back soon for more tips on how to prevent and deal with rodent problems in your home.

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