Skunks in the neighborhood

Feb 6, 2019 | rodent control, yard insect control

As I drove around the hill country late this past weekend, I was reminded by the strong pungent scent in the air, skunks were nearby so drive cautiously! Skunks are known to have excellent hearing and sense of smell, but their poor eyesight is no match for a vehicle traveling down the road at any speed. In our area of Texas, we’ve had a mild winter, so you may see a much higher rate of roadkill during the months of February through March and unfortunately, skunks are definitely on the roadkill list.

The reason for the increase in skunk activity right now is they are seeking additional food sources or seeking a mate. With more of their regular hunting grounds being reduced from nearby construction, we are seeing them venture more into neighborhoods and busy roadways and other areas they might not normally be found. When hunting for food, skunks typically eat insects, worms, and even small rodents but if their options are low where they normally reside, skunks have been seen venturing into neighborhoods and could come looking for food in your yard.

To prevent skunks in your yard, food source elimination is key.

  • Inspect your yard and treat if needed for grubs or other below the surface yard pests.
  • Eliminate any small rodent issues.
  • Keep pet food bowls indoors or at least immediately cleared away after eating.
  • Keep trash in containers with tight fitting lids.

Along with eliminating their food source, you also want to make the structures around your home less inviting. Skunks are opportunists and an open deck area could provide the perfect den to live, hide from predators and even give birth to their springtime litter! Also check around sheds. Fencing or chicken wire can deter skunks from digging under and living under your shed.

You may not be able to keep them out of your neighborhood, but keeping them out of your yard will be up to you. A thorough check around your property can help you locate potential problem areas to prevent future issues of skunks or other critters from invading your yard.

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