Winter Rodent Control in Houston – part 3

Nov 26, 2010 | rodent control

So you’ve taken the steps to block winter pests from entering your Houston, TX home and to remove sources of food from inside your house. But what happens if those nasty pests still find their way inside? Part 3 of this guide on dealing with winter rodent control in Houston covers ways to remove pests.

Before dealing with a bug or rodent infestation, ask yourself if you are willing to tackle the problem on your own. Depending on the nature of the pest problem, some rodents, especially larger ones, should be handled by professionals. These critters carry a risk of disease and other health hazards. It’s not advisable to mess with them if you aren’t sure what you’re doing. However, if you’re up to the challenge, the first step in taking care of rodents is identifying what type of pest you have.

Identifying rodents can be easily done if you actually witness them, but if they’re aren’t visible you can tell by signs left such as gnaw marks, droppings, body trail marks (body marks left by animals running alongside wood), odor, etc. Once you know what uninvited guests you have, you can take the appropriate measures to get rid of them.

Handling a rodent problem usually means using traps and bait, repellents, poison and more. Types of traps typically include live traps, glue traps, electric traps and snap traps. Plan ahead to determine the most appropriate trap for your situation. For example, live traps require you to remove the trapped animal, otherwise the rodent will suffer a painful death. Poison traps may result in a poisoned rodent dying in an out of the way place you can’t get to, resulting in foul odor and disease from the decaying carcass. Finally, the use of poison represents a major health risk for your family and pets.

Be sure to wear gloves, protective clothing and a mask when discarding trapped or dead animals to avoid contact with parasites, the risk of being bitten and other dangers.

If the idea of dealing with a pest problem on your own does not excite you or you have any questions for the experts please feel free to contact Bio Tech Pest Control of Houston for a free rodent analysis and consultation.

We can help you with humane traps and relocation to remove squirrels, opossums, skunks, and raccoons. All of our rodent and pest control work is backed by the Bio-Tech 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We make use of glue traps, cages, and similar tools to remove rodents from your property. This eliminates the needs for poisoned baits that leave the animals free to flee to your walls or attic to die leaving a potent odor behind. Let us do the heavy lifting when it comes to rodent control so that you can get back to the important things in life with no worries over what these unwelcome guests may be leaving behind.

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