Winter Lawn Care and Pest Control

Jan 22, 2019 | pest control, Uncategorized, yard insect control

With the fluctuating weather being an issue for lawn care, I finally ventured out into my back yard and sadly, the overgrown weeds in the yard have grown to an alarming height. Even though it’s still winter, I know pests are out in the yard waiting for the opportunity to flourish and invade my home and yard. It’s never too early to think about lawn care and pest control. I made the time to cut the grass and spot treat the weeds that had sprouted to gain the upper hand on pest control.

Overgrown weeds are notorious for harboring pests. These hot spots offer places for pests to hide from predators as well as the changing weather and breed for the coming Springtime ahead.

For pest control, just like having a cold, when it comes to preventing infestation, solving root causes rather than just symptoms as they arrive is ideal.

  • Trim overgrown grass, bushes and excessive yard foliage.
  • Spot treat for weed control.
  • Look for low lying areas and dips in elevation that allow water to accumulate and level out the ground areas.
  • Allow enough room between plants and shrubs to keep the foundation visible and less accessible to pests.
  • Keep your yard clear of debris to eliminate areas where insects can hide insect.

Decaying leaves and infrequent lawn maintenance produce a source of food, cover, darkness, and even moisture for pests to enjoy. If other shelter seems scarce, your overgrown lawn may even start to attract rodents and cause greater pest issues. Be sure to spot spray weeds as needed or arrange for a seasonal service to handle the issue if you are unable to work this into your busy schedule. Bag and dispose of lawn yard waste, whether by composting or disposing of with your weekly garbage pick-up.

While this may not take care of all pest issues in your yard, with proper lawn care and pest control, you may find yourself ahead of Spring pest infestations before they become insurmountable. If you are having pest issues beyond your control or questions about the upcoming pest season, call or contact Bio-Tech Pest Control at 281-296-6022.

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