Mosquitoes in the Winter; do they Migrate or Hibernate?

Dec 10, 2015 | mosquito control

It’s the time of year when holiday parties, festive feasts, and exchanging gifts are enjoyed by family and friends. Do you wonder what happens to mosquitoes in the Winter? Do they migrate or hibernate? Mosquitoes are one of the most annoying pests that we endure throughout the warm parts of the year. Their bites are irritating and their buzz even more so. The presence of mosquitoes makes being outdoors less appealing. Most species of mosquitoes disappear during this time of year because they cannot survive the cold weather. However, some mosquitoes are strong enough to last through the winter, and they lay in wait to annoy us again when the temperatures begin to rise.

How do Mosquitoes in the Winter survive?   mosquitoes in Winter

The mosquitoes in the Winter survive the cold weather by hibernating, just like some animals do during the winter. Mosquitoes that hibernate throughout the winter will come out in the spring time. They will begin sucking our blood and the blood of our pets once again. It is an annoying occurrence that is difficult to remedy and not an important item on our list of issues to handle at the moment. Mosquitoes that do not survive the winter temperatures leave eggs behind that will hatch with the first breeze of warm spring air.

How do Mosquitoes Hibernate

Some mosquitoes will hatch in the fall and hibernate as larvae; they find shelter in the bottoms of muddy pools to protect themselves from freezing. Mosquitoes that find a way to last through the freezing winter temperatures seem to be even more aggressive than those who seasonably show up in the spring time. Mosquitoes not only pack an annoying bite that can itch for a long period of time, but mosquitoes also can carry dangerous diseases that are harmful to you and your family.

Mosquito Prevention & Control

Prevent mosquitoes form hibernating on your property by having regular maintenance visits from your pest control professional. You eliminate the chances of any type of infestation from occurring, including the presence of mosquitoes. Regular maintenance visits from Bio-Tech Pest control will ensure that not only mosquitoes stay away from your home, but also other annoying and harmful insects. Contact Bio-Tech Pest Control today for a home free from harmful and annoying insects.

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