Scorpions in cooler weather

Oct 15, 2018 | Home Pest Control, yard insect control

Temperatures are dropping and this cooler weather will bring in crawling insects and scorpions may soon follow. You may be thinking, “But I thought that was only a summer pest?” While scorpions in cooler weather hibernate during the winter months, your home may be the perfect temperature and environment they are looking for!

Scorpions may be looking to follow their food source as well as to find a place they can also stay warm this time of year. Since their diet consists mostly of insects, if you are seeing insect activity in the home, scorpions will enjoy the comfort of your home as well. Scorpions may leave if they cannot find any prey, but don’t leave this to chance.scorpions in cooler weather

Make your home and surrounding area inhospitable to pests. Just because the weather is cooler and the grass growth is slowing down is no reason to neglect the yard maintenance. Scorpions usually live in long grass or in dark, unchecked areas in and around your home like under pots, rocks, or even your outdoor furniture. For pest control, an overgrown lawn is the enemy. Scorpions hunt for bugs in overgrown lawns, and long grass allows them to easily hide. Having your lawn maintained as well as treated by a pest professional will remove most insect sources of food such as crickets, cockroaches, ants, and other pests. Keeping your grass short will also prevent any of your family members or pets from accidentally encountering one when playing out in the yard during those random warm days that periodically show up during our “Texas Winters”.  Termites are also a favorite meal for scorpions so make sure to have your home checked annually for termites and other pests.

An important thing to note is pesticides are not necessarily effective for getting rid of scorpions. It is the scorpion’s food source that you are eradicating.

Scorpions in cooler weather will follow their food source.

You can prevent a scorpion problem proactively by:

  • Check for and repair water leaks around the home.
  • Remove clutter or other debris around the home.
  • Remove clutter from inside your home as well as from under the beds.
  • Keep your closets and bedrooms neatly organized. Scorpions like to hide in shoes and piles of clothes on the floor.
  • Outdoors, trim back bushes and foliage that scorpions can hide under.
  • Get rid of piles of wood, rocks or yard clippings.
  • Trim back vines and other potential hiding spots.

If you already have a scorpion problem or just want to treat as a preventative measure, call or contact Bio-Tech Pest Control at 281-296-6022.

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