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Oct 17, 2011 | rodent control

rodent control houstonNo matter what steps you take, as long as you’re a Houston home owner, expect yourself to do some rodent control. Rats and mice prefer living in human shelters because of its warmth, comfortable living spaces and easy food sources. It’s normal to have the threat of rodent infestation in any building. The best solution is knowing how to spot those feisty stubborn rodents and do some rodent control in Houston.

Rodents comprise more than one-third of the known kinds of mammals, and individually they are the most abundant mammal in many sections of the world. Sixty-four species of native rodents occupy Houston Texas, making this the most diverse group of mammals in the state. And it is also a big problem when it comes to rodent control.

So what are your rodents? Rodents are an order of small placental mammals characterized by their skulls, continuously growing teeth, and sharp incisors which they use to gnaw wood, break open hard nuts, and bite predators. Their name means “gnawing teeth” in Latin. Most rodent infestation that is can be commonly seen in your houses are squirrels, mice and rats and because of their ability to quickly adapt they can be found in great numbers making rodent control seem impossible.

Why should you worry with possible rodent infestation? One of the main reasons and problems if you don’t do any rodent control is diseases. Rodents are proven to be disease carriers and because Houston Texas has a lot of different types of rodents rummaging the place, it’s better to be aware of rodent infestation and have good rodent control. It could either be the lethal hanta virus or salmonella poisoning, rodents and their feces are a prime carrier of diseases that can easily jump to the human population. Also keep in mind that your regular house mouse can reach maturity in just 8 weeks and will produce 8 litters in just a year of 4-8 pups.

How do you know if you do have rodent infestation? Spotting them is the very first step on rodent control. With mice and rats it’s pretty easy to spot them. All you have to do is regularly check for small holes chewed in your walls, cabinets and other places that mice could possibly travel. Monitor your food supply too for gnawed corners in boxes. They don’t only do that for food but also to make nests for their litters. And now the most important sign to check for telltale sign of mice and rat droppings. It will be everywhere including silverware, cabinets and drawers. This small pellet like droppings is a sure sign you need some rodent control.

Any advice or techniques will be useless if you can’t take any rodent prevention measures. These little monsters are dangerous and prolific. If your initial acts of rodent control are fruitless, start calling your nearest pest control company in Houston Texas. Remember to be vigilant to stay safe.

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