Renewable rodent warranty

Dec 30, 2019 | rodent control

Many people wonder why a renewable rodent warranty after the first year is needed. The service was done. No new activity has been heard. Why should I pay to have someone return? A renewable rodent warranty is more than just paying an annual fee. Whether you live in a highly populated urban area, a wooded area, or even an up-and-coming area with new construction in or around your home, rodents will be nearby.

Rodents are constantly foraging for food and will need shelter from the elements and predators.

Rodents will seek out a safe shelter after being displaced if their normal wooded areas are cut down and removed. Pests need a place to live and a place to forage for food.  Rodents will also need a nesting area for their soon-to-be growing family. The seasonal temperature changes will also affect potentially new rodent activity.

Getting rid of the last rodent issue you had but this doesn’t mean a new crop of rodents will not come scavenging.

A Renewable Rodent Warranty includes:

  • A physical inspection.
  • Rechecking previously sealed points and reinforcing areas if needed.
  • Checking for conducive conditions.
  • Recommendations for cutting back vegetation against home.
Renewable rodent warranty

Bio-Tech offers renewable rodent warranties

Any new areas that need to be sealed will be included with your Rodent Warranty Renewal as well as any older areas that may have been compromised and reopened by new rodent activity will be reinforced and resealed.

You will want to treat as soon as you realize you have an issue. Rodents can be very adept at trying to remain hidden. An annual inspection for your renewable rodent warranty is recommended for keeping your home pest free. Call your professional rodent inspector to keep your home rodent-free.

To renew your Rodent Warranty Exclusion, or if you think you may have a new rodent infestation or are just looking to keep pests from entering your home, contact  Bio-Tech Pest Control today at 281-296-6022.

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