Mice in your garden

Apr 30, 2020 | rodent control

Mice in your garden can be a year-round issue. Lock downs,  social distancing or the economy is not a concern for pests. The biggest concern for mice is avoiding predators and their next meal. No one likes to admit to either having a rodent issue, past or present or having seen them nearby, but unfortunately mice in your garden are part of living in a growing city. With Houston normally making lists of the top 20 large metropolitan cities in America with rodent issues, our ever growing neighborhood suburbs nearby receive some of the rodent spillover by default.

With annual high temperatures averaging between 64°F and 91°F, our area of Texas is an ideal climate for many rodents of varying sizes and species. The Covid stay-at-home situation seems to have also encouraged rodents getting into or closer to residential homes. With restaurants delivering food or having people take food to go, businesses have had less garbage waste causing rodents to have to find alternate sources for food options. This may have caused an increase of mice venturing into some nearby neighborhoods and potentially hiding in your garden.

A garden can provide a perfect place for mice to live and breed. From here, this is just a small step to getting into your home or garage. Some suggestions for keeping mice away from your home are:

  • Keep shrubs and landscaping at least 6” off and away from the foundation of home
  • Pick up and put away pet food after mealtimes
  • Remove bird feeders that may be attracting mice in your garden
  • Planting strong scented herbs near entryways such as lavender, rosemary or even mint are deterrent for rodents
  • Manage yard waste and keep trash in closed, tightly sealed containers

A small mouse can get in through a weep hole in an exterior wall or any other opening as small as the size of a dime.

Cover small openings using resistant materials such as steel wool or copper wiring. Just keep in mind, this temporary fix. Have an inspector check and repair openings. Properly seal these areas to avoid a bigger rodent issue down the road.

Mice are excellent climbers. They can get in almost anywhere, and it doesn’t require much of an opening to wriggle their way in and make themselves at home. Mice will sneak into homes and nibble on trash. They will chew through cables and wires. Mice are capable of spreading diseases, most times while remaining out of sight.

The need for food and shelter are the strongest predictors of a rodent infestation. If you suspect mice in your garden or just want to take a proactive approach to keeping mice or other rodents from entering your home and rodent prevention, contact Bio-Tech Pest Control today at 281-296-6022.

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