Mice around the house

Feb 19, 2019 | rodent control

Mice are a year round threat to many homes. The average house mouse can range from 2-1/2” to just under 4” in length. Mice seek shelter from the elements as well as from predators and a hole ¼” can be quickly gnawed on and chewed around until the mouse can wiggle its way into your home to start nesting away for a future family of its own. Once in, undisturbed piles of clothes, paper goods or even cardboard boxes thrown in garages, attics and closets can provide an environment for mice to move in and out of, hide and build nests around.mice around the house

Mice pose both health and economical threats to your family and home. Mice can expose your family to diseases and parasites they carry or left behind from their urine, feces or food contamination.

Economically, the cost can range from cleaning and paint touch ups from the unsightly dark grease/rub marks left along walls, construction repairs to damage to wood structures and even replacement wiring and insulation damage.

The first line of defense again mice is diligent watch for any possible rodent activity in and around your home.

To discourage infestations from mice, the following key points should be addressed:

  • Inspection
  • Containment
  • Sanitation

Inspection of the perimeter of your home for potential entry points that mice could take advantage of and find their way into your home. Check around the foundation, roofline and home plumbing penetrations. Check inside garages, attics and other rooms of the home. Specifically look for signs of shredded paper, cloth, insulation with burrowed patterns or other indications that mice may be running through and collecting nesting material. A more obvious sign would be the small black, rice-shaped droppings left behind.

Containment to remove and prevent future infestations should be implemented. Have your pest Control Professional bait and trap for removal of active rodent issues and seal up entryways. It is important to note you want to make sure and seal both inside and outside areas. Locating accessible entryways and and reinforcing weak barriers will help prevent future infestations.

Sanitation is vital. Make your home environment inhospitable to mice by making sure food from both people and pets is not left out on floors or counters and pantry food is sealed in airtight containers. Make sure high traffic areas where food is kept or eaten is cleaned and vacuumed to eliminate food particles that could attract mice.  Pick up soiled clothes from the floor and in laundry hampers. Keep seasonal items rarely used put away in air-tight bins.

Remember, the control of mice from your home is important for keeping family and pets’ safe as well as possibly avoiding or at least limiting damage caused by infestations. If you are having rodent issues beyond your control, call or contact Bio-Tech Pest Control at 281-296-6022.

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