Lovebugs in the air

May 14, 2019 | yard insect control

No love is lost after an extended drive this time of year and I find lovebugs in the air and splattered all over my hood and windshield. Lovebugs do not bite or sting and are considered a beneficial pest for the environment because they assist in the decay of dead plants and other organic matter, however, the issue with lovebugs happens when we drive our cars. Lovebugs will normally swarm twice a year, around May and then again around September, especially for us here in Texas. Anyone who has ever driven their vehicle through these flying clouds of bugs will tell you that they are extremely difficult to remove from your car’s front bumper, grill, hood, and radiator, especially if they stay on the car for more than a couple of hours.  When the swarmers number in the hundreds or even thousands, they are more than just a nuisance smashing into your hood and windshield and have been known to clog radiator grills which could potentially cause your vehicle to overheat.lovebugs

 Did you know: lovebugs confuse car exhaust fumes with the odor of cut grass, fallen leaves, and other decaying plant matter?

Lovebugs are long, slender black bugs with a red/orange thorax. The female will lay eggs in or near decaying plants or other organic matter. The larvae live in the soil and will eat the decayed remnants of plants. The adult lovebug will feed on the nectar of flowers. Because they can be very acidic, adult lovebugs do not taste good, so there are not many birds or other insects that will eat them.

 Some helpful tips to make lovebug season more bearable:

  • Keep yard mowed to reduce breeding ground.
  • Remove dead, decaying matter and plant debris
  • Move back mulch or compost beds from the homes foundation if possible.
  • Clear areas of standing water from away from your home.
  • Waxing your car before lovebug season makes it easier to wash dead bugs off your car.
  • Clean off your vehicle as soon as you notice an issue to avoid paint damage.
  • Wind deflectors on your car help prevent most lovebugs from hitting the windshield.
  • A filter screen in front of your card helps prevent an influx of lovebugs in your radiator.
  • Have your pest control operator treat around the perimeter of your home and yard.

Remember, lovebug season normally only last a few weeks, so if you can wait it out, it will be over soon, but if even this is too long for you to suffer through these nuisance pests, call or contact  Bio-Tech Pest Control today at 281-296-6022.

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