Dragonflies are our friends

Sep 3, 2018 | mosquito control, yard insect control

I remember as a child thinking dragonflies were out to chase me as soon as I stepped out into the yard but actually, dragonflies are a beneficial pest. They can normally be found and are attracted to areas with a high mosquito concentration. While I want the dragonflies to do their job, I’ve realized, I need to do my part to keep the mosquitoes out of my yard as well. Seeing as we had a 3-day holiday weekend I thought I’d get a jump start on the heat and mow the yard early in the morning. Things were going fine until I reached the corner areas of my fence where the grass had grown particularly long. My weed whacker was on the fritz last mowing date and I had let the grass overgrow in the corners of my yard and other areas my lawnmower couldn’t reach. It’s like I was hosting a mosquito AirBnB in my yard! I was their new host and they were definitely making a meal of me. Once I had trimmed down these areas, the circling dragonflies were like buzzards gorging on the mosquitoes that were now left without a hiding area. I let the dragonflies do their job but I also knew I really needed to take further steps to keep the mosquitoes out of my yard. Not only for human sake, but for my 2 dogs that were not able to tell me if they were being attacked by mosquitoes. I checked the yard for low lying areas, and figured out how much ground fill I’d need to purchase to fill and level out those areas. Low areas tend to collect water during rains and make perfect breeding grounds for mosquitoes to lay their eggs.

Unless you are trying to start a dragonfly habitat, here are some other suggestions to keep the mosquitoes away:

Some people keep a bird bath in the yard but sometimes forget, you should change the water out of these at least twice a week to eliminate mosquito breeding spots. You want to do more than just refill the birdbath. Try cleaning out with the water hose to remove eggs and also provide fresh water for the birds flying into your yard.

If you have a green thumb, try growing lavender, rosemary, peppermint or basil. These are just a few herbs that will help keep mosquitoes and a few other pests away and as a bonus provide other home uses for cooking and other health benefits.

Don’t let areas of grass or bushes overgrow as mosquitoes will hide in these cooler shaded areas until they are ready to head out at dusk for feeding. Mow grass regularly and pay attention to corner areas that receive shade and can be overlooked during normal lawn care like around playscape areas, sheds or other structures in the yard.

Remember, mosquito eggs laid in water can mature into the nymph stage in as little as four days. Take care of the issues early and be consistent to keep people and pets from being made a meal by mosquitoes. If you are still having mosquito issues, have your local pest control operator spray the deep patio and front entry areas, as well as tree line around property, plus all bushes, trees and landscape areas. I don’t mind the occasional dragonfly circling my yard to take care of mosquitoes that are about, but I also have to remember to take care of my part for mosquito population control as well.

The combined efforts of both you and your pest control operator will work to provide long term mosquito control. Call or contact Bio-Tech Pest Control if you have questions or concerns about mosquitoes or other yard insects at 281-296-6022.

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