Controlling Rodent Problems

Oct 25, 2011 | pest control, rodent control

rodent control houstonYou think you’re safe… then think again! Your home could be infested with rodents. Did you know that there are sixty-four species of native rodents occupying Houston Texas, making this the most diverse group of mammals in the state?  Knowing how to deal with rodent problems and how to protect your home does not have to be that difficult. We will go over some of the main aspects of rodent control in the post below.

How do you spot them?
Rodent Control is not that difficult to do but can be a challenge if you don’t know where to start. Before controlling these pests, you should know how to spot them. For mice and rats, it’s really easy. Just go look for small holes in your walls and cabinets. This is how mice and rats travel to gnaw their way to your food supply. Not only that they’ll eat your food, they’ll also chew on your cereal boxes to create a cozy nest for their litters. You can also look for the classic trail of mice and rat droppings. Disgusting as it may be you’ll see these droppings everywhere including your silverware, cabinets and mroe. These droppings are a sure sign you need to do some rodent control.

The Best Rodent Control Strategy
There are many methods that you can use to protect your Houston area home from rodent infestation. The following strategies have been tried and tested by home owners for years.

Snap traps

  • The most widely known and used mice and rat traps. Snap traps have been used to reduce rodent problems for many years. You can put in a sticky food as bait. The mouse or rodent trap has a heavy gauge steel spring bar that will quickly spring and dispose of the pest. Cheap and effective.

Glue Traps

  • Glue traps are inescapable for all rodents. They use a very sticky substance that will catch any rodents when they hunt for food. Safe to use and easily disposable. The only drawback is if you find a live rat in it, you will have to dispose of it yourself.

Rodent Poison

  • Rodenticide. Rodent poisons should be used only if you know what you’re doing, as they can be highly dangerous for your family and pets . Some poisons can also be considered inhumane as they may not kill rodents quickly and painlessly. Also, if a mouse or rat dies in your wall, you’ll smell it and can cause sickness to those who lives in your home. Dealing with rodenticide is best left to professional exterminators.

Some of the above steps can be taken by the average home owner, but please be careful especially when dealing with poisons. If you feel the job is too much for you, consider contacting a professional rodent control company.

Tip: Doing proper rodent control in the fall will reduce the potential problem in the spring. Mice and rats are threats to your home and health in the winter. They love a warm place to cozy up.

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