Brown Patch on your lawn?

Sep 22, 2017 | yard insect control

Ever wonder what those circular spots of dead looking grass patches is on some lawns? This time of year, chances are it could be Brown Patch Fungus. Brown patch normally begins in late September or early October and runs through November or even December. The brown patch can usually start at the onset of fall, when the temperatures average in the 80’s during the day and start to drop in the evening into the 60’s. The drop in temperatures combined with the humidity levels, whether from rain or even overwatering of your lawn in the late evening can provide adequate conditions for this fungus to flourish. Brown patch will normally start on the lower lying areas of a yard that retain water/moisture and can slowly spread from there.

At the early onset of an area in question, check the leaf blade itself. Spotting on grass blades is an early indicator. Look for leaf lesions that are irregular in shape and can be straw colored or bleached in appearance with a reddish or brown border.

Once you’ve confirmed you may have a fungal issue and not an insect issue causing harm to your lawn, it is time to take a pro-active approach and start a treatment plan to keep it from spreading. Remember, treatment does not reverse the browning effect.  It merely stops the spread of the fungus.  Early diagnosis and treatment will help the patches of brown come back green next Spring.

Important tip: If at all possible, water your lawn in the early morning to allow the moisture to dry off the leaf blade surface as quickly as possible during the day to discourage brown patch fungal growth.

If you’ve had Brown Patch in the past or determined your yard is susceptible to Brown Patch, it’s time to get ahead of it before it worsens and start a preemptive fungicidal treatment plan. Bio-Tech offers lawn protection from both insect and fungicide issues so be sure to call 281-296-6022 or contact us for more information.


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