Attention Houston home owners – do you hear them?

Feb 6, 2013 | rodent control

You hear them. At night. You can’t sleep. Scratching, clawing, squeaking while they scurry around inside your walls.

At work you can’t concentrate, thinking of those little creatures tearing through your cupboards at home. Maybe they’re even smiling with their disease-carrying fangs as they happily munch on the half-open box of cereal you thought was safe.  Don’t worry, they’ll leave some cereal for you, along with some shredded cardboard and some other… presents.

And if you’ve ever actually seen one running across the floor… Whoa! Men and women alike, young or old, doesn’t matter. You might jump and shriek. That is if you aren’t cowering in the corner in fear. What do you do if you see a mouse or a rat in your home? Chase it? Run from it? Throw a shoe at it? No, you call Bio Tech Pest Control. We’ll handle it.

From the cute, furry, loveable little mouse that just needs shelter and a little food in its tummy because it’s too cold outside to the possum in your attic, chewing and clawing its way through your electrical system, and all manner of rodents in between, Bio Tech’s technicians are only a phone call away. Call us. Before it’s too late.

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