Are raccoons in your attic?

Dec 10, 2018 | rodent control

is time of year, with the temperature changing to cooler, wetter weather, you may soon hear the pitter patter of little feet. I’m talking about raccoon feet. As more homes are being built and woodlands critters are displaced, they will venture into urban areas rich in resources to survive. Do you have raccoons in your attic? Raccoons are opportunists and will seek out areas they can easily access. Overhanging tree limbs will allow easier entry to areas of your house you may initially overlook.

Rodents getting into your home are an issue we know you would like to avoid. We understand raccoons are not rodents, they are mammals. However, they are still considered a wildlife pest that you will want to prevent from getting into your home.raccoons in your attic Raccoons locate a small opening in your home or attic. They are pretty good at scratching and prying their way into your home. And if that weren’t enough, the insulation in your attic makes excellent nesting material. This provides a possible family of raccoons in your attic come Springtime!

For the most part, raccoons are nocturnal and most activity will be heard in the late evening or very early morning before daybreak. As a homeowner, it is very important to listen for sounds out of the ordinary. Late night scurrying, scratching or even low growling sounds should alert you to the possibility of something trying to get in or possibly already in the attic and trying to make your home their home.

Early detection is key to reducing the damage that can be done by raccoons in your attic, or even other wildlife.

Signs to look for are pathways, burrowing or indentations in the insulation as raccoons or other critters move about in the attic. Look for disruption in the insulation. Also look for evidence of raccoon waste left behind could indicate a past or present critter issue. Depending on the length of time raccoons or other critters have been in the attic, look for damage. Inspect ductwork, insulation and other areas of the attic resulting in unexpected and costly home repairs. A Rodent Pest Professional is recommended at this point to aid in identification and eradication.

Your pest professional will provide the following:

  • Identification-to ensure the correct procedures are implemented for quicker elimination
  • Removal-of infestation and relocation
  • Exclusion-to seal up potential or current entry points

Are having an issue with raccoons, mice, rats or any other large pests? Routine inspections and proper identification are crucial. The right type of corrective or preventative treatment reduces the possibility of future pest damage. If you think you may have raccoon or other pest issue in your attic, call or contact Bio-Tech Pest Control at 281-296-6022.

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