Winter Pest Invasion

Mar 14, 2015 | Uncategorized

The cold winter weather brings some pain when paying for the heating bill, but it can also bring some pests out that you may not want coming around. Some bugs, insects and pests hibernate and die off during the cold weather while others just find a way to warm up. Bio-Tech Pest Control has prepared the following list of winter pests that may still be heading indoors when the air gets too cold during the next few weeks.

Skunks – Skunks can be a really smelly pest if they make their way into your home or onto your patio. During the nice weather of fall and spring they have plenty of reason to hang outdoors. The only reason they make their way into yards and patios is to find food or water that may have been left out. During the winter they have another reason; heat. They can sense the heat that may be coming from around your doorway or outdoor heaters. They can also feel the heat that may be emitting from the dryer vent on the outside of your home. Make sure you don’t startle a skunk if you see one so that you don’t suffer from their terrible smell.

Squirrels – Most squirrels store up their food for the winter. Like it shows in most animated movies the squirrels collect what they need and make a last ditch effort to collect the final food storage before the temperature dips down. Even though they are usually ready for the winter they can be seen out looking for more food. They also are looking for spots in your eaves and gutters that may be weak or drooping. This can open up a spot for them to take up residence in your attic; giving them access to a nice warm space to make their new home.

Mice and Rats – the one pest that people probably dread the most are mice and rats. Rodents are abundant in the State of Maryland and can be found in all types of living environments. They are usually looking for a way into houses and offices to spend the winter. There are two reasons that they tend to go indoors for the winter. One is for the comfort that it can bring; even staying in an attic or garage can offer a lot of coverage from harsh winds, rain and snow to a family of mice. Secondly, they rodents are always looking for food. It can be hard to get all the food sealed up to keep out mice and rats as mice can squeeze through a gap that is only 6mm. That means that they can squeeze through a hole as small as a pea. They are also patient and will wait for you to leave out your leftovers or wait for the dishes to be left out. They can get a lot from crumbs and bites that may seem like a small deal to us.

If you see pests around your property this winter, contact Bio-Tech for an inspection and custom plan of action. It is our goal to keep you and your family safe from pests, no matter the season or weather.

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