When it is Cold, Pests are Still Present

Oct 23, 2012 | pest control

rodent control houstonWhen the fall and winter months arrive here in Houston, TX, many people think that pests will begin to disappear because of the cooler temperatures. While it is true that some pests are more active in the spring and summer months, it is not true that pests are any less of a problem during the cooler months. One of the main reasons that pests become more of a problem during these seasons is because many of these critters begin to look for shelter. Unfortunately, the shelters they find are already occupied by the people who own them. In order to know how to combat pets during the cooler months, it is important to know which pests are problems during these cooler months.

Cockroaches are pests that are sure to invade someone’s house during the colder fall and winter months. Cockroaches are attracted to warm, moist environments. When the fall and winter come, these pests begin to seek out these warm, moist environments; unfortunately, these environments are most often in people’s homes. These insects are attracted to places in homes such as attics and bathrooms. However, the kitchen of someone’s home also serves as a great breeding ground for cockroaches. American cockroaches, which are most often found in Southern states, are usually found outside near logs, decaying trees, and garden mulch. When the cooler months arrive, these pests seek places inside instead of outside.

Rats are another type of pest that will invade someone’s home during the winter months. Deer mice are the most common of the pests associated with rats. These rodents are mainly found in the southern portion of the United States. One of the main reasons people in the southern portion of the country will see so many deer mice is because of the mild winters. These warm winters allow the rodents to breed and reproduce in great numbers. These rodents look for places to spend the winter months, and the places they find are in people’s homes. Two of the most obvious signs of deer mice are droppings and torn food paper.

As the fall and winter months begin to arrive, do not think that your home is safe from pest problems. These pests will invade a person’s home, and they also carry bacteria and diseases that can be transmitted to humans. Therefore, it is extremely important to contact a professional Houston exterminator to protect your home.


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