All I want for Christmas is NO PESTS!

Dec 20, 2014 | Uncategorized

By the time the cold weather sets in, most are just thankful they are no longer dodging bees, wasps or mosquitoes. Many aren’t even slightly concerned about the NEW threats to their home and business! However, it’s important to not let down your guard … keeping pests out of your space is a job that needs to be taken seriously year round! The new threat to your space has just shifted to a different set of insects and rodents! Like humans they are also searching for a warm place to winter-in! There are some common pests that are a concern no matter where in the U.S. that you reside:

* Spiders

* Beetles

* Roaches

* Cluster Flies

* Pantry Pests (moths, weevils, grain mites and grain beetles)

* Mice / Rats / Squirrels


Seriously, no one wants to have any of these pests as a part of the family, but by not rolling up the welcome mats and locking the doors you may actually be inviting them in! This is an especially busy time of the year, but it is worth the time to secure your home or business unless you plan to be the winter resort of choice for the pests that in search of a home! So the question is: “What can I do?”

* When bringing in that tree (whether it was from your garage or a fresh tree lot) make sure you are not bringing in any pests seeking to sneak in! Check that fresh tree for egg sacks that will certainly hatch in the warmth of your cozy home!

* If you are that family that cuts their own tree (unless the temperatures are BELOW freezing), ticks could still have latched on to someone! Check the little ones in particular carefully!

* Holiday decorations; before bringing in all those sparkling beauties to hang on the tree make sure that the box is opened outside and checked for signs of pest activity! Leave the pests OUTSIDE!

* Pantry Pests … No, they are not the kids that raid the pantry after school but instead they are the pests that were probably paid for by you when you purchased the pantry goods (flour, spices, oats chocolate and pastas, etc). They came as a bonus, not that you wanted them! Placing these items in a freezer for 72 hours can help to eliminate any problems.


If you still find that pests are attempting to be a part of your winter festivities, give Bio-Tech a call and we will be on the way. Our technicians are expert in the detection and identification of any pest that may need to be evicted!

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