Wait! Don’t Kill that Bug!

May 30, 2015 | Uncategorized

Some bugs and insects are actually good to have around. Although there are many bugs and insects that should be eliminated because of their not so good repertoire, there are some that can benefit your garden and can even help to eliminate some pests that you would definitely not want around. Bio-Tech Pest has prepared a quick list of some of the bugs and insects that you may like to see around your place and how you can get them to stay around your home and property longer:

Bees – These is one of the best bugs to have around for gardens and flowers. Bees pollinate flowers and help with pollinating gardens. If you are trying to grow fruits and vegetables, having some bees around is necessary to pollinate the plants so that they produce the fruit and veggies that you want. They also tend to keep away from people and won’t go out of their way to sting a person unless they feel threatened.
Ladybugs – These are a small red beetle that usually have some black spots on their back. Ladybugs are great to have around a garden because they feed on aphids and tree lice. The pests they feed on will eat away at the leaves on your plants and can cause them to wither away and die so ladybugs should be a welcome site.
Praying Mantises – If you find a praying mantis around your home and garden, give it some space and don’t try and run it off. The great thing about the praying mantis is that they will eat any bad bug that comes around. They lay in wait and will attack any flying or crawling bug that comes near.
Dragonflies – Not only are these fun to look at but they will feed on mosquitos, which as we all know can be a very unwanted pest at any back yard BBQ.

Welcoming Good Pests

So, how exactly can you get these good pests to stick around? One of the best ways to keep these good bugs and insects around is to have plenty of plants that offer nectar. This will attract the bees and other good bugs to your garden and yard. You should also try and have a variety of plants that will give a wider range of nectar to feed from. You can also attract good bugs by finding out what types of plants grow native to your area. Stick with these types of choices and you will have more opportunity to attract the types of bugs and insects that you want and less of those you don’t! And if you are still seeing mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, spiders, roaches and ants etc – call Bio-Tech Pest Control for immediate assistance!

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