Unwanted Visitors- Fire Ants

May 4, 2016 | ant control, pest control

The heavy, consistent rain has brought to the surface fire ant mounds almost overnight. The saturated soil has forced them to build above ground making simply walking in your yard a not so fun game of “tiptoe and avoid the ants”. Many of us remember as kids poking sticks into fire ants and running when we see literally thousands emerge with the sole agenda to defend their mound. It’s easy as adults to know this is not acceptable and should not be done, but as a child the lure is still there. We also sometimes forget our pets can unknowingly get into fire ant mounds when they are in the back yard running around. Fire ants will protect their nest and queen very aggressively.
Fire ants can pose a problem from the rainy Spring season through late Fall. In the dry, hot months, the ants retreat below ground in search of cooler ground and water but are still there invading your yard. You’ll want to treat now both the individual mounds for immediate control as well as treat with granules for extended control. Granular baits are picked up by foraging ants and brought back to the colony and impact the queen and her egg laying ability.
Remember to take a pro-active approach early on to keep fire ants at bay and keep your family and pets safe. It is easier to prevent fire ant colonization than it is to eliminate existing colonies but it’s not too late to start treatment. Be sure to call Bio-Tech at 281-296-6022 if you have any questions regarding fire ant control in your area.
Patience and perseverance are key with fire ant control and keeping these unwanted visitors out of your yard.

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