Texas Tree Roaches

Jul 23, 2019 | Home Pest Control, roach control

Texas tree roaches are scary. While it may seem otherwise this time of year, Texas is not home to the largest roaches on the planet. There are some roaches in the Florida Keys that are at least an inch bigger than the average 1-2” tree roaches we have been seeing in our area and while this may not make you feel much better, at least we know we are not the only ones battling big roaches.

Whether you call the large outdoor roaches that sometimes make their way into your home tree, wood, or water roaches, as their name implies, our environment plays a big part. They can live in mulch, flower beds, wood piles, decaying logs, or other moist, outdoor environments. These large roaches are also known to live in sewers and drains, and whether they get flushed out by the recent heavy rains or the extreme heat sends them searching for a more hospitable moist environment, sometimes your home may be in their path. Texas tree roaches are on a quest for their most basic needs: water, food, and shelter from the elements.

Aside from just actually seeing a roach in your home, it is what they can bring along with them that is the most to be worried about. Roaches can carry and spread diseases. Roaches can pick up germs from sewers, drains, or other areas with decaying matter and transfer them to your home so taking care of them in a timely fashion can be very important.

Sometimes you may see them around kitchen drains, dishwashers, or bathrooms since plumbing accesses can offer an easy entry point. Once roaches are in, they will eventually begin their quest for food and a place to shelter.

Some things you can do to help prevent Texas tree roaches from making themselves at home in your home are:

  • Clearing wood debris from around your home
  • Repair plumbing leaks both inside and around the perimeter of your house
  • Clean out the garbage disposal and dishwasher of stuck or decaying food particles
  • Repair or replace torn screens or weather stripping
  • Avoid keeping garage doors open for extended periods of time to discourage an easy entry point
  • Check for and seal exterior cracks and crevice entry points leading into your home
  • Keep garbage cans closed with a tight fitting lid.

An occasional one may haphazardly find its way in, but if you see a pattern of roaches within your home, it may be time to have your pest professional address the issue. Correct identification and treatment are important to ensure a pest-free environment for your family.  If you think you may have an infestation of Texas tree roaches or other pest issues, contact  Bio-Tech Pest Control today at 281-296-6022.Texas tree roaches

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