Texas Spiders

May 22, 2015 | Uncategorized

Texas is obviously a big state and home to many different animal life, insects and spiders. It is no surprise that Texas is home to nearly 980 species of spiders. The thought of that many species of spiders crawling around the state can leave an unsettling feeling to some, but rest easy because there are really only a handful of that number that can cause any serious harm. Only recluse spiders and widow spiders are considered medically significant to humans. Or in other words, can cause a serious health risk if you are bitten by one of these types of spiders.

Frightening Spiders

Texas is home to some very frightening looking spiders, even though they are not as dangerous as the previous mentioned. Tarantulas, jumping spiders and wolf spiders are very scary looking and even may look like they could seriously injure someone. People often believe they are looking at a poisonous spider when they encounter one of these species, but that is not the case. Although these spiders are often very large, hairy and threatening looking, they rarely bite. If they do happen to bite, it is usually not too painful and has no seriously dangerous results. There are many humans that have a serious phobia of spiders, so it is important to become familiar with the ones who are harmless and the others that can cause serious health risks.

Poisonous Recluse Spiders

Recluse spiders are poisonous and pack a painful bite. The brown recluse spider calls Texas its home and often bites people while they are sleeping. They often live around human dwellings in bathrooms, closets, under furniture, behind baseboards and in corners or crevices. They can also be found in garages, firewood piles and cluttered cellars. These spiders have been known to hide out in clothing; biting their victim as they are putting on a pair of pants or shoes.

Harmful Widow Spiders

Widow spiders are usually found outdoors in protected areas such as out houses, garages, cellars rain spouts or electric meters. Like most spiders, these widow spiders are shy and retiring. People are usually bitten when they have unknowingly or accidentally disturbed the widow spider, causing it to defend itself. To avoid hidden spiders, it is important to disturb an area before sticking your hand in places where the widow spiders may be hiding. Bites from widow spiders are painful and should be taken very seriously. Immediate medical attention should be taken if bitten by a widow spider.

If you suspect any dangerous spider species on your property or inside of your home, contact Bio Tech Pest Control today. Our technicians are familiar with all Texas species and will eliminate spiders from your home permanently.

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