Termites Beware

Feb 15, 2011 | termite control

Termites can gain access into your home through foundation cracks as small as 1/64 inch. Termites cause over 5 billion dollars in property damage in the United States. Termites eat 24/7, never stopping to rest or sleep so control is a necessary action. A combination of solutions and bait are usually required to eliminate termites. Termites are amazing tiny insects who have cooperation down to a science. This allows termites to do things like build giant towers by hollowing large trees, or transferring large amounts of dirt and, or, eating the wood from your home. The key to termite control is using proper prevention measures and consistent application.

Termites feed on wood and are in the family of insects called Isoptera. The insect family Isoptera is said to have dated back 100mil years. The termite is species that can live a long time without food or water and because of this they can be harmful, if not devastating to the landscape. The high season for termites is from early June and often moves into the month of May. During this time is when termites really begin to swarm. The most common species of termite seen in the form of winged, soldier or reproductive are the damp wood and subterranean termite. Before the termite season starts it is wise to have a plan of prevention and and solution. If a well thought out plan is in place it can stop unnecessary costly damages to your home.

The conventional method for Termite control of subterranean termites is to place a chemical barrier between the termites and the structure to be protected. Chemical barrier treatments for ground termites or subterranean termites are designed to stop them from being able to find there way into structures. If a structure is infested after it is built, termiticides are usually used by either: rodding, trenching or drilling. In order to protect the structure, you should use a combination of the best materials and application methods available today. This is not an area to hold out on, as it can possibly damage your entire home. The barrier continues to work to stop termite movement from the floor to the structure, although the termite is able to obtain moisture when inside the structure and may not need the soil for an extended period of time. Wood treatments are primarily used to supplement other termite control measures, because termites are able to attack untreated wood in other areas in the structure.

If a structure is made of wood it is said that there can be up to a 70% chance of the structure being attacked within 10-20 years time. A Boric Acid Bait tool can be used in the attempt to rid of pesky termites around a wooden structure as well. Bait blocks that include Boric Acid can be used as an option and do not include chemicals in such an extreme amount and they do not come with a hefty price tag as well. If you used a termite chemical barrier in the dirt and the termites are still getting past the barrier they may have found a week spot and the process needs to be bumped up a notch. When the termites have defeated the barrier and are infested in the structure itself the methods used are chemical injection into the wood itself. A good method of prevention is to free your yard of unnecessary untreated wood such as tree stumps and posts, or rotted fencing.

You can usually contain the problem within 12 weeks. Termite baits can eradicate termites by eliminating the termite colony. Termite baits can help in situations where a structure may be untreatable with the use of soil termiticides. For this particular situation there can be pesticide concerns, or the soil treatments may have failed in previous trials. Termites can begin feeding once they find a bait station. Termite baits are designed to suppress or eliminate the termite colonies living in the soil. Termite baits are ideal for use around structures inhabited by persons with chemical sensitivity as termite baits are designed to suppress or eliminate the termite colony living in the soil.

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