Termite Facts and Fiction

Mar 29, 2019 | termite control

There are many Termite Facts and Fiction myths surrounding termites in your yard and arming yourself with useful information will help you make informed decisions on how to approach termite control. It is estimated termites cause over a billion dollars worth of damage annually. When it comes to combatting such a destructive pest, the best offense is a prepared defense.

Termites are part of an ecosystem that breaks down and decomposes dead and decaying wood and returns nutrients to the soil. They also cannot tell the difference between fallen trees and a home’s wood frame, fence, deck, or other wooden structure. Termite damage may go undetected for a long period so annual inspections are crucial.

Here are a few Termite Facts and Fiction points:

Fiction: My house is new, I don’t need termite treatment.termite facts and fiction
Fact:  Even if a home has had a pre-construction termite treatment, the area around your property can still be susceptible. If termites are already in the area, termites are not selective when it comes to food sources and will consume what is closest and easily accessible.

Fiction: My foundation is concrete so I don’t have to worry about termites getting into my home.
Fact:   Concrete foundations with small cracks the width of a penny can allow access for termites to tunnel their way underneath and reach the wooden frame or other wood parts of a house.

Fiction: I have a brick house, my house if safe from termites.
Fact:  Whether you have a brick, wood, stucco, stone or other exterior, most homes have a wood frame and termites can work their way from underneath or build mud tubes to bypass the exterior façade and reach wood structures of the home.

Fiction: My home had a termite treatment years ago so I don’t have to worry about termites on my home.
Fact:  Both environmental and manmade disturbances or changes of the soil cause a disruption or break in the treatment barrier. So we are recommending regular annual inspections to ensure termites have not broken through treated areas and found their way back onto your home.

Fiction: You can get termites from termite infested mulch.
Fact:  Termites in new mulch will not infest your home however applying mulch too close to the foundation of the home can provide a bridge over termite treated areas allowing termites in the yard access onto the home. Keep mulch 6”-12” away from the foundation of the home.

Fiction: Termites have no purpose other than destroying homes.
Fact:   Termites are an important part of our ecosystem and will help to break down fallen trees and dead wood into nutrient-rich soil that helps other plants to grow

Fiction: My neighbor had a termite treatment and now the termites will come to my home.
Fact:   Well developed termite colonies have millions of termites and tunnels extending into multiple yards so it is more likely your yard already had termites.

Knowing termite facts will help in your decision for early, corrective, or even preventative termite control

It is definitely termite season. The information provided is not to frighten anyone. Termite facts and fiction detail will arm you with as much needed information to promote informed decisions on termite control. To identify potential termite conducive conditions or if you suspect you may have a termite issue, call or contact Bio-Tech Pest Control at 281-296-6022.

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