Termite Control – A Must For Your House

May 21, 2011 | termite control

The topic of termite control and how to achieve it is often a tricky one and that is because you are never sure of the results promised by professional pest control agencies despite paying them the high fees they charge. The result is that many people go ahead and try doing it themselves with the help of videos and books.

The two popular methods of control – the barrier method which is the preventive way of dealing with termites as well as the baiting method which is used to flush out termites, given the fact that your house is already infected are both not very easy to implement and that is why people are confused on how to go about it. The first method requires you to have good and special equipment that will help you put up chemical barriers to ensure that termites do not enter your house in the first place. The fact that this involves the spraying of hazardous chemicals means that this job is best left to the actual experts in this field and you need not  attempt to do this at home on your own.

The baiting system that is used once the termite infection has happened involves the contamination of the termite food attractions with dangerous chemicals that the termites share with other family members and the result is that newly born termites are killed and not allowed to grow. This contaminated food also inhibits their ability to reproduce and when you are able to get rid of the existing termites, you are ensuring that no new termites can take their place through this method.

However, these chemicals are not available at most shops and that is why people find it difficult to adopt this method. Most pest control agencies rely on the method of poisoning the termites directly and they can do that only when the worker termites are flushed out into the open. Just killing the queen or the soldiers will not serve the purpose and it is vital to kill the entire generation of such termites.

It is logical that prevention is the best method to achieve control over termites and that is possible only through a well planned management method that makes use of physical, chemical as well as mechanical means to prevent termites from making their entry into your house.

So subterranean and dry termites must be dealt with by making use of the methods that prevent them from proliferating in your house and that is possible only by creating conditions that are unsuitable for their growth. The subterranean termites for example need moisture and if that can be avoided, the termites will not be able to survive and grow.


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