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May 17, 2013 | pest control

The buzzing. It’s incessant. While trying to enjoy your backyard, as we Houstonians are known to do, they buzz so close to your ears it sounds like they’re in your brain. Or maybe you’re too busy trying to shoo them away from your dinner plate to notice. Or you might find yourself fishing one out of your lemonade. Mosquitoes… what a nuisance! Part of living in Houston, sure, but you don’t have to suffer or avoid your backyard anymore.

Aside from the mere annoyance that mosquitoes and other flying insects can cause, there’s the very real possibility of disease. There were over 70 reported cases of the West Nile virus in Houston in 2012. Who knows how many more went unreported? Milder cases, sometimes referred to us West Nile Fever, may just cause you to feel tired and generally lousy for 1-2 weeks. Most people may attribute this to a cold or some bug they caught at the office. More serious cases and especially among the elderly can result in debilitating damage and even death.

One call to Bio Tech Pest Control is all it takes. Whether it’s a backyard mosquito misting system or indoor pest treatment (it’s not bad enough they just try to spoil your backyard BBQ, those pesky blood suckers also like to set up shop in your home), we can help you. Our technicians are prompt, professional, expertly trained and a mosquito’s worst nightmare. Contact us for a free consultation and take back control of your home today. After all, messing with a Texan’s BBQ means war!

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