Swarming Termites

Mar 7, 2019 | termite control

As I was driving around the neighborhood, I was pleased to see the small flowering buds on the trees starting to blossom. This means spring is around the corner, but it also reminds me swarming termites are not far behind. Now in our part of Texas, where the weather is warmer and humid more often than not, termites can be an issue year-round, and the site of swarming termites can be alarming to most homeowners. While finding termite swarmers in the yard won’t necessarily mean you have termites eating away at your home, it is a good indication termites are nearby.swarming termites

Depending on the species of termites in your area, a colony can be growing for 3-4 years before swarmers take flight to form new colonies. For this reason, you may not notice swarming termites around your home until after they have caused hidden damage to the wood they infest. Subterranean termites will usually begin swarming during the Spring season as temperatures are starting to rise and optimal conditions that affect swarming are after a Spring rainfall with minimal wind speeds. Drywood termites in South Texas will normally swarm in summer or even fall so having a pest control professional will be the best option for correct identification.

Aside from active swarmers, you will want to look for mud tubes that may be found on your home, deck, fence, or other wood structures. The mud tubes allow termites to travel back and forth between their food source and the colony. Should you find possible mud tubes on your home, leaving them intact for a pest professional to inspect can help with identification as well as assessing if this is an active termite infestation.

For swarming termites, have a professional Pest Control Operator out for the following:

  • Identify the type of pest swarming around your property
  • Inspect the foundation of your home for termite tunneling
  • Check for conducive conditions that may encourage current or future termite infestations in or around your property
  • Recommend corrective or preventative treatment options

Vigilant watch for termite conducive conditions is key to keeping termites from causing future or further structural damage.

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