How Was Your Summer?

Oct 3, 2014 | Uncategorized

Summer time often gives us a reprieve to many of the pest infestations that we may have in our homes. More concern has been given to the pests that live outside! With the summer months we are concerned about keeping our families happy and healthy in a world so diverse that it can often create difficult challenges. Mosquitoes and Ticks have been on all our minds for the summer months due to the illnesses that are carried by these pests.  Farmers and ranchers also have their own challenges with insects that infest their crops, which in turn can trickle down the food chain to all of us in many ways. And then there are the precautions that we need to take when vacationing in or out of the country, taking extra care to not bring hitch-hikers home with us, or taking some with us where we travel. This does not mean that there are not still problems with infestations, however most of them were in the home and awakening with the spring, long before summer started.


Getting ready to send children back to school and college is a challenge for most families and the signal of the upcoming birth of the next season. As the weather changes, before the cold sets in, take time to prepare for the winter invasions that may soon be coming your way. Like humans, insects will soon be searching for a winter home to stay warm for the long cold winter days and nights. Fortunately, there are things that you can do that will signal to these unwanted guests that your home is closed. Besides the usual invaders, there are serious concerns with the numbers of stink bugs and kudzu that will be searching for homes. There are things that can be done to minimize the problems that may be headed your way such as:

* caulking windows

* sealing doors

* securing screens over attics and vents

* sealing any openings created by wear and tear of living


Doing these simple things will reduce the number of entry points. One thing that is often overlooked are house plants; the ones that you put out on the porch for the nice summer weather. These will be brought back in for the winter so that they are not a victim of the cold.  Be sure to treat the plant as well as the soil for insects that may have taken up residence. They will be more than happy with your invitation to come inside.


This is also a time that items are boxed up for storage; a rule for cardboard boxes is if they had contained any food items, keep them out of your house! Often there are insect eggs in little areas that you do not see! Instead, use plastic storage containers with good fitting lids.


Remember that ‘pest control’ is not a one size fits all scenario; each infestation should be identified and treated appropriately depending on the circumstances. We hope that all have finished their summer with fun, family and friends and are now preparing for the cooler season. Being aware and prepared is the best control (along with having a professional exterminating company like Bio-Tech on your side)!

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