Springtails- How did this pest get in your home?

Apr 6, 2018 | pest control

Springtails are pests that are sometimes confused with fleas. Some of the calls we are getting right now are to identify these small pests jumping around in the bathroom or even kitchen late at night. One difference is fleas can show up and be active anytime of the day. Springtails tend to be nocturnal and remain hidden during the day.

This jumping pest is what confuses some people as to what they might have in their home. When disturbed, springtails can fling themselves over 4” high! Optimal conditions for springtails are moisture, dampness or humidity. If you’re seeing them indoors, check around plumbing areas. They eat mold or fungi, which is another reason to check inside around plumbing accesses to make sure there are no leaks or excessively damp areas for the springtail to thrive.

Springtails do not cause damage to structures or cause harm to people or pets. Unlike fleas, that feed on warm blood from pets and people, the springtail is more of a nuisance pest. They are however a reason to check the home early to take care of possible leaks or correct yard areas that collect water or is slow draining.

The shift from rainy to dry conditions this time of year can cause springtails to come into your home seeking moisture. For a pro-active approach, inspect around the perimeter of home as well. Check for long-standing water areas from drain spout run-off or low-lying areas that collect water after rains around garden beds. Springtails also feed on decaying vegetation. Check for leaf debris or around wood piles.  Remove these known pest habitats or if you are keeping woodpiles, make sure they are elevated. Springtails can also be found in flowerbeds or other areas where damp soil and plants debris is found. This is a good time of year to make sure the gutters have been cleaned out as well. If you’re doing Spring planting right about now, keep mulch off/away from the foundation by at least 6”.

While pest control will help to keep them at bay, remember these pests are an indicator there may be plumbing repair or leak or other home repair issue involving dampness in the home that needs attention. You may even see them around your pool area but again are just present because of the water conditions.

If you have any questions about identifying a particular pest, call one of our service reps at our main number 281-296-6022. Or contact us via email and we will assist you in keeping these or other Spring pests under control.

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