Spring Time Critters

Mar 8, 2015 | Uncategorized

During the spring time the weather gets warm and the days get a little longer. People are outside more enjoying the weather and airing out their Houston homes. It is also the time that lots of bugs, insects and critters make their way out from the cold weather too. The problem for us people is that our homes and businesses are a welcoming place for these pests to take up residence as well. During the winter month critters such as rats, mice, possums and raccoons are hiding out and are usually pretty quiet. When the weather warms up though, they get more active and could look to mate and raise their growing families in your home or office.

Raccoons are one of these pests that you do not want to have enter your premises. In the springtime, raccoons look for a comfortable place to nest and make room for their new additions. They will prepare a home in your attic space or under the crawl space of your structures. They can be fairly quiet and make it hard to detect that they are there, even though they can be causing a lot of damage. When their new pups are born, which is in the spring time, they will start to make small chirping noises that you may begin to detect in the quiet hours of the night. When the babies begin to grow the litter will stay with its mother as long as there is space, and become much louder. They young and adult raccoons will make more noise like scratching and growling which can be heard when you are trying to sleep.

Once the raccoons have made a way into your personal space, you will be exposed to many kinds of dangers. Most importantly, raccoons carry and spread diseases and they do not have to come in direct contact to cause infection and illness. They can leave droppings and urine which you can then come in contact with later. If you have small children they can walk and crawl through it and spread the germs around. Raccoons can also be defecating and urinating in the air vents that lead to your air conditioning and heating. Remember the general rule – if it’s in your ducts, it’s in your lungs! Another one of these dangers is the physical damage that raccoons can cause. Wherever raccoons are hiding and nesting they are causing damage to your property. They chew wires, wood and insulation. Raccoons can also cause emotional damage to a house of people because of the relentless behavior when most people are trying to sleep. This can cause unwanted stress on a person or family.

Fortunately, these critters can be taken care of by calling a pest control company that has the ability to trap and remove them. Bio-Tech Pest Control not only removes nuisance wildlife but we also assist in wildlife prevention and exclusion. We can help locate and block entry points so that raccoons and other wildlife do not return.

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