Spooky Spiders

Oct 22, 2014 | Uncategorized

Little Witches, Vampires, Ghosts and Goblins will soon be taking over our streets, arriving on our porches in search of a treat. If you would like for them to go away, give them a small treat, and off they will run! These are the easiest pests to evict from your porch. Is that huge realistic looking spider web complete with spider up in the corner a very authentic Halloween decoration or part of your pest control needs?


This is the season that spiders will be out in force; the males are in search of a mate and a winter home! Although all spiders are venomous, very few of them are actually a danger to humans. The venom is used to incapacitate their dinner. Spiders are actually an important part of the ecosystem, keeping the fire ants and mosquito populations a bit more manageable, so in that way they could be seen as a partner in pest management. Most spiders prefer to live outdoors or at a minimum in a place that they can get out easily without detection, like a barn, garage or under the eaves of a home but rarely inside with you. There are a few of them that like to share your home, like the house spider that is not there to bite you and is fairly harmless to a human, unless of course you have arachnophobia!


Texas has its very own Recluse Spider, the “Texas Recluse Spider” found in southern Texas and the Mexico border area. This spider’s web is a non-sticky hot mess as far as webs are concerned. They can live up to 4 years, probably because of their reclusive nature. They eat insects and other spiders, and not typically humans. However, if provoked or startled by your hand, they will bite! The bites are rarely a problem, healing without anything more that a wash with soap and water. With that said there has been a rare occasion that the reaction has caused some serious problems; including a necrotic lesion that requires medical treatment.


Then we have the Widow spiders; three are black widows and one a brown widow and all can be found in Texas. These widows prefer to live outdoors in dark, out of the way areas, but homeowners have hung a huge vacancy sign out that is inviting them come on by; outside lights! They are attracted to the lighted area, but will still make their webs in dark places. The lights act as a vacation attraction to insects, so the spiders must realize that they will have a virtual buffet! Since the widows are a shy spider, it is usually carelessness that gets one bit. With the holiday seasons upon us, take an extra effort to look in that corner of the shelf in the garage, before you reach for the boxes! Black Widow venom is a neurotoxin, and prior to the development of anti-venoms, 5% of reported bites ended in death! The Black Widow can cause Latrodectism Syndrome resulting in, severe pain, muscle cramps, tremors, nausea, anxiety, increased blood pressure and heart rates, and even kidney failure! So take that extra step and check before your reach in a dark place. If you are having a problem and finding spiders in your home, call Bio-Tech and we will be there to protect!




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