Spiders in the garage

Dec 26, 2018 | Spider Control

I tend to ignore spiders in the garage unless I see them start to make their way into my home. The old adage, out of sight, out of mind was my motto. That is until my adult son was removing an old wingback chair from the garage that was no longer needed to open some space for me. He wasn’t sure but thought he saw something run out from underneath and across his arm.

Fast forward to a day later when he casually asks if I thought he should have what may have been an insect bite on his arm looked at by a doctor since it appeared to be growing. Turns out, even though most home spiders in our area are harmless, his doctor informed him bacteria on the spider’s fangs sometimes cause an infection and he did indeed have cellulitis from the spider bite.

While many bites from spiders are more of a nuisance, keep an eye on developing changes in the affected area to determine if a call or visit to your doctor is warranted.

It was time for a pest treatment for insect control. Specifically spiders in the garage. I did not want to wait for myself or another family member to be bitten by a spider or any other pest that may be hiding in my garage. Then I realized it had been some time since I had a thorough clean out of the garage. I have spent some time reorganizing and clearing out unnecessary items and have found the following habits will go a long way in pest prevention:

  • Clothes, old books and other boxed items have been moved from cardboard boxes to airtight plastic bins. Clothes that have not been used for over a year have been donated.
  • Have a routine garage door maintenance check by a qualified garage door company to ensure all parts are in working order and door sweep has a proper seal with no visible gaps.
  • If you store your grill in the garage during colder months when not in use, be sure it has been properly cleaned prior to storage.
  • Install shelving units to keep items up off the floor when possible.
  • Sweep the garage floor to avoid debris that may harbor pests at least once a month and remove any visible spider webs.
  • Rodents and even snakes look for holes or cracks entering garage so check and seal these potential entry points.

Cleaning and organizing your garage will reduce the chances of spiders and other pests taking refuge in your garage.

Routine inspections and proper identification of pest issues in or around your home will help determine the right type of corrective or preventative treatment and reduce the possibility of future pest infestations. If you are having pest issues beyond your control, call or contact Bio-Tech Pest Control at 281-296-6022.

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