Spiders – A frienemy in the home

Feb 3, 2017 | pest control

gray house spider with egg sac (2)

grey house spider with egg sac

For most people, spiders are a nuisance pest that show up in our home almost overnight. Not all spiders are bad though. Some actually help us by feeding on other insects such as roaches, earwigs, mosquitoes, flies and other disease carrying pests. They have even been known to kill other spiders with the winner eating the loser. I have enough going on in my head without images of pests battling it out on my floor when the lights are out, thank you very much. I’ll keep my nature outside when I take my walks.

Eliminating a spider’s food source from entering your home is a big step. Some of the things I’ve learned to do to keep pests out of my home include caulking or closing up points of entry. A quick perimeter check will help you address areas pests might be entering as well as just checking on the overall areas of my home are what I consider part of Spring Home Maintenance.

“The best defense is a good offense” applies for pest control as well. I check to make sure all my screens are cleaned and clear of any leaves or other debris that might harbor insects and make sure they don’t have any rips or tears for easy pest access. We have some great days coming in Spring where we can leave our windows open for a fresh breeze but I want to make sure I’m only letting the breeze in and not those multi-legged pests that are trying to find a warm safe haven from the outdoors. You can further eliminate spider food sources by controlling insects in the home with a residual indoor insect treatment. Treat along window tracks, door entryways and don’t forget the eaves and weep holes. It’s also good to consider applying a perimeter treatment. If you have pets like I do, you’ll want them to enjoy the yard and keeping the full yard pest free will help from having pests hitch a ride on your pet and bringing unwanted critters into the home. Call Bio-Tech Pest Control 281-296-6022 if you have any questions regarding pest services to fit your needs and here’s looking forward to a wonderful pest-free home this Spring.


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