Seasonal Pest Prevention in Houston

Apr 25, 2012 | pest control

Humans aren’t the only species to slowly venture out of hibernation and hiding when the temperatures begin to rise and the days last longer. Many pests are beginning to yawn, stretch and get started on the pesky things that they do best – swarming, mating and generally causing problems. With the warming days, it is very important that you prepare yourself and your home for any pest issues that are common in Houston, Texas during the spring and summer.

There are ways to try and prevent infestations or problems with insects and rodents in and around your home. For starters, keep the inside and outside as clean as possible. Keep food garbage cleaned up and tightly bagged while on your property. As the weather warms, ants are often the first insect to become an issue as they come out of their dormant states to search for food. This search can often lead them to your garbage areas or even indoors to your kitchen.

In Texas, ants are not the only scavengers that will seek out your crumbs. Cockroaches and rodents are also more than willing to help clean up. Don’t leave piles of dead leaves or wood near the house as this can attract spiders, termites and rodents. Check for any cracks and holes around the foundation that could possibly be used as hiding places or homes by any pesky critters. Be cautious of signs around the house that might indicate termites, such as upturned tiles on the floor, small holes in wood surfaces or tunnel like “mud tubes.” Outside, swarming, flying insects can be troublesome and often dangerous. Never attempt to take care of things like beehives or wasp nests on your own. A pest control professional can safely remove such nuisances and ensure they do not return.

Unfortunately, many pests aren’t obvious until an infestation is already underway. A professional’s assessment and treatment is often necessary to eliminate and effectively prevent infestations. A technician can efficiently check your home for trouble zones and implement treatment and even removal of already present pests. Calling a professional before you notice an infestation can save you a lot of stress. A pest control technician will set up the proper precautions, traps and other treatments to keep your home pest-free.

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