Seasonal Intruders

Nov 13, 2014 | Uncategorized

Summer is over, fall is in full swing and the holiday seasons are upon us!  October, November and December seem to be such busy months; carpools, homework, children indoors, fall and winter messes at the front door, coats, hats, gloves and back packs everywhere! Thankfully those pests that crashed all the barbeques, picnics and camp outings are gone! The bee hives are quiet and mosquitoes are not lurking at every corner to nibble on exposed skin! Are we to hope that we are finally bug free? Not a chance! Insects and rodents are like us in many ways; as the seasons change so does their behavior. Unfortunately the pests of summer will soon be back. There are some pests that return every season without fail as if they have a life time reservation. Knowing what to expect ahead of time puts you in the driver’s seat, and allows for quick action to evict before they send for the entire village! The list below outlines insects and rodents that are around all year long, but become more active at specific times of the year.



* Mosquitoes

* Bed Bugs

* Stinging Insects (like bees)

Summer Tips:

– Swatting at stinging pests will just make matters worse. It’s best to stay calm and slowly move away

– Use mosquito repellent

– When enjoying outdoor meals (picnics, barbecues), keep all the food covered until served.



* Boxelder Bugs

* Stink Bugs

* Mice

Fall Tips:

– Garage doors that lead into your home are often the point of entry for many rodents.

– A professional pest control inspection is invaluable, it will help to identify problem areas and help make your home less likely to attract unwanted guests.



* House Centipedes

* Silverfish

Winter Tips:

– Do not use cardboard boxes for storing items; they often come into the home with live pests and eggs hiding within.

– Repair and seal any cracks/crevices that are an entry from the outside to the inside.

– Use of dehumidifiers and/or encapsulation installation is recommended for basements and crawl spaces (esp. in high humidity areas).



* Termites

* Carpenter Ants

* Ticks

Spring Tips:

– Sugar and other sweet items in the kitchen should be stored in well sealed plastic containers.

– If there has been firewood close to the house for winter use, move it away from the house, many insects and rodents find shelter within that pile!

– All the winter trash needs to be picked up, leaves, branches and all the junk that has blown your way and found a home alongside the fence.


Bio-Tech’s expert technicians are able to identify the possible infestations in your home and business, and develop a custom plan of action to send them packing for good. Call Bio-Tech for a free inspection of your property with a full report on findings and fixes!

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