Rats of Texas

Oct 29, 2014 | Uncategorized

Very common in Texas is the Roof Rat. Texans also encounter the Norway Rat, Yellow-nosed Cotton Rat, Hispid Rat and the Tawny-Bellied Rat but the roof rat is the most common.  It is bad enough to hear or see mice in your home but rats; that evokes an image of a monster pest. Like mice, rats can become an infestation in record time, making it important to prevent the problem before it begins.


There are tips that can help to keep these pests away:

* Eliminate entry points into your home or business

* Keep food in containers; preferably plastic with tight seals

* Keep food cleaned up from counters as sweep up any crumbs  on the floor

* Keep home or business clutter free. Stacked boxes, magazines,  clothing or anything that is stacked in closets or corners are a  great place for these rats to make nests or simply hide out!


Not only do rats like your home or business, they are also found in grocery stores, warehouses and grain storage facilities! They will nest close to the ground as well as in attics and crawl spaces. They will leave behind a few infestation clues:

* Droppings in places that they feed

* Chewing is common to keep their incisors in peak condition, leaving damage to wiring, upholstery, doors, windows and pipes (both lead and plastic)!

* Shuffling or squeaking noises can be heard in walls, attics and possibly even beneath the flooring.


The normal habitat for rats is outdoors in wood piles, rock piles and heavy vegetation areas but come winter they will also be searching for a winter home. Do not let that home be yours! Once they make entry, they will damage anything they can find to chew on, contaminate foods with feces and urine, carry diseases via the fleas that live on their bodies and at times they even bite! It is important to protect your home from this intruder by eliminating the welcome mat that may be in the form of entry points! Bio-Tech can inspect your home for entry points and offer solutions to the problems you face. Bio-Tech wants all in our communities to be safe, especially for the upcoming holiday season.  Call anytime for your inspection and plan of attack.

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