Rats Carry Fleas Infected with Murine Typhus; Human Diagnosis, Symptoms, Treatment & Home Prevention

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Experiencing a rat infestation is one of any home owners’ worst nightmares. Rats are one of the filthiest rodents that can gain access into your home. Rats have the ability to squeeze through the smallest cracks, crevices and crawl spaces of your residence. They can adapt to almost any environment and multiply quite rapidly when they have access to a reliable food and water source, both of which your home will provide to them. Rats can cause a great deal of damage to the structure of your home, gnawing through wood, drywall and even electrical wiring. While rats are one of the most detested rodents, it’s the pest they carry on their backs that you should be just as concerned with!

Murine Typhus Diagnosis

Rats carry fleas in the thick bristles of hair on their backs; fleas that hitch a ride from the rat and gain access right into your homes only to make your furry pets, carpet, rugs, bedding and other areas their new home. The most dangerous part about these fleas is that they carry a disease called Murine Typhus. This disease is spread by rats and opossums that come into contact with humans. Murine typhus is an under-recognized entity and is often confused with a viral illness. Most people who are infected with Murine typhus do not realize that they have actually been bitten by fleas.

Murine Typhus Symptoms

Humans that are bitten by fleas that carry the Murine typhus disease, experience a variety of different symptoms. Headaches, fever, muscle pain, joint pain, nausea and vomiting are all common symptoms that occur from Murine typhus. Some humans that have been bitten experience a rash six to seven days after the onset of signs. Up to forty five percent of those infected will experience neurological signs that include confusion, stupor, seizures or vertigo. The best way to avoid the Murine typhus disease is to stay away from rats and opossums to minimize the presence of fleas form your home.

Flea Prevention in Home

Keeping rats and other rodents from your home can sometimes be challenging, but taking the proper steps can help deter rats from attempting to gain access into your home. One of the first and most important steps to take is to perform a thorough inspection of the exterior of your home, looking for any possible entry area that a rodent could fit through. By eliminating these areas, boarding them up and repairing what needs to be fixed, you will deter these rodents from getting into your home. The next and most necessary step to take is hiring a professional pest control company to service your home on a regular basis. This will eliminate the presence of rodents from your home and keep you and your family safe from any diseases they can spread. Contact Bio-Tech Pest Control today to eliminate rats from your property.

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