Protecting Pets from Africanized Honey Bees AKA Killer Bees!

Sep 1, 2015 | Uncategorized

What is the first thing that you do when you see a bee? You probably turn around and get away or maybe you wave your hand to shoo it away. Now what do you do if you see a bee swarm? Of course you take off and find cover either indoors or in your car or just keep running. If you happen to get stung you can run inside where you can take time to treat the area and remove the stinger. Most people can get away from these stinging pests, but what about your pet? If your pet hears the bees buzzing or sees them swarming around they are going to do the opposite. The sounds and sights of these buzzing bees may seem a lot like fun to a dog. They may go over to a hive and sniff around and maybe cause the swarm to become angry and aggressive. If you are concerned about your pet being stung here is what you need to know about killer bees and your pets.

Killer Bees AKA Africanized Honey Bees

A killer bee is what they are called but the name is actually an Africanized Honey Bee. These bees made their way into the United States around 1990. There is no way to really tell them apart from the honey bees that are also here in the U.S. except for by an expert. The killer bee does not actually have a killer sting, they got the name because of the aggressive nature they have when defending their nest. The problems come when they are aggravated and start to sting. The likelihood of being stung multiply times is much more when you are dealing with a nest of killer bees.

Bee Sting Swelling

Many times when a pet is stung it is near the head because that is what they are investigating with when the bees become upset and start to sting. A pet that is stung usually has the same reaction as a person. They can have swelling and redness in the area and it can be sensitive.

Pest Prevention & Professional Pest Control

The very best way that you can keep your pet from being stung is to prevent. You should take time to regularly check your property and be sure that there are no hives or large groups of bees hanging around. If you happen to come across a hive you want to call a professional to have the hive removed. Bio-Tech Pest Control can come out and take care of any bees that you come across.

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