Pest Control Prevention in the Home

Nov 12, 2012 | pest control

A house or an apartment that is overrun with mice and rats proves to be an unsafe and unsanitary condition for people, particularly those who have small children living with them. However, as winter approaches, rodent infestations and populations of other pests frequently invade people’s homes. Many families in the southern portion of the country wonder what they can do to keep their homes pest-free this winter, as seasonal climate changes in regions like ours in Houston, TX are favorable for these pests to  flourish. In fact, they can take several precautions to ensure proper home pest control now and call upon professional pest extermination services when necessary.

The best way to prevent mice, rats, and other pests from coming into a home is to make the home’s interior inhospitable to these creatures. Pests love to forage for food and shelter in people’s homes. They want to escape the chilly and damp conditions that often come with winters in the south. If they smell food and detect materials that can be used for shelter, these creatures will make find a way into the house and then build nests in which to reproduce.

Once they begin reproducing, pests can overwhelm a home. As such, experts tell people to keep their homes as unwelcome to these pests as possible. For example, many people think nothing of leaving food out on counters or dirty dishes in the sink overnight. However, the food left on counters and in bowls and plates make for a welcome feast for rats, mice, and other pests. The food entices them come into the residence and stay as long as the food is available to them. Thus, pest prevention experts warn people against leaving food out or keeping dirty dishes in the sink. They can save themselves from a pest infestation by keeping their homes clean and food put away in the refrigerator or cupboards.

Further, some people have no idea that newspapers, paper bags, and other similar materials appeal to rodents and other creatures. They view these materials as ideal for making nests. Sometimes they tear the paper and then carry it off to their nesting site. Other times, they will make themselves at home in a pile of discarded newspapers or paper bags. Rather than risk coming across a mouse burrowed in a pile of these materials, people are advised to throw out any unused paper or keep it stored in an airtight plastic tote. Doing so will discourage rodents from taking up residence inside one’s home.

Mice and rats also gain entry to a home through cracks and crevices in walls, doors, and windows. Before winter approaches, homeowners would do well to inspect their homes’ exteriors to ensure that no cracks and openings exist. If they see a spot where a pest could potentially enter the residence, people should caulk it or repair it with boards, dry wall, or other appropriate materials. If a home has suffered such infestations in the past, people may also be advised to use traps both inside and outside the residence. Traps can greatly reduce the chances of being invaded by rodents.

When all of these steps fail, a homeowner’s next logical step would be to call for professional pest extermination services. Exterminators are trained to identify where pests are coming into a home and get rid of them quickly. These contractors also use traps and poisons that the public cannot buy at stores.

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