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Aug 2, 2012 | pest control

Most people, no matter how health or environment-conscious they are, prefer to not have unwanted pests in their homes or on their properties. However, many store bought or DIY pesticides or pest control chemicals are full of dangerous toxins and can have more negatives affects than advantageous outcomes, especially if not used properly. Pets and children are often the first to be adversely affected by chemicals used in do-it-yourself pest control products. That approach is called IPM which stands for Integrated Pest Management. IPM uses a “big picture” approach to pest control as opposed to a one-shot, massive extermination action. Usually with less impact on the environment, and less dangerous, over-kill chemicals, IPM is a way to carefully and mindfully work with your family’s lifestyle and particular pest-control needs.

Today it is pretty common to come across someone who is trying to make their lifestyle more natural and less toxic. That person might even be you. Some fairly popular movements include removing harsh toxins from our cleaning products and using vinegar instead of bleach for instance. Others have even gone the no-shampoo route and use natural ingredients like baking soda and vinegar for shiny tresses. Probably the most popular natural movement being seen more and more often is the switch to organic foods, especially fruits and vegetables.

Since most of the produce you find in grocery stores today is produced on commercial farms, there’s a good chance that those fruits and veggies are grown in less than ideal environments and are at several different times covered in a variety of toxic pesticides, growth accelerants and just a whole potpourri of things you probably don’t want to eat on a regular basis. Going “Green” is a fairly common occurrence these days. As all of us try to do what we can to make our surroundings and daily lives a little less scary, there is one area that some might not think of when it comes to the “less is more approach” toward chemicals and toxins.

If you’re in need of pest-control without adding unnecessary chemicals and toxins into your life, talk to your local natural pest control experts.

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