Mosquito Spray Service

Automated Mosquito Misting Systems and Mosquito Sprays

having a Mosquito Spray Service or a mosquito misting system makes backyard outdoor activities far more comfortable.

Do you find yourself spending more time indoors each year as fears mount over West Nile or Zika Virus? Do you wish you could find a real solution that works for backyard mosquito control but feel you have tried everything on the market with little success?

Many mosquito pest control strategies like citronella candles, bug lights, and bug traps are designed to attract mosquitoes. Unfortunately, the mosquitoes may find you or your family before they find the traps that are designed to destroy them. Let Bio-Tech Pest Control keep mosquitoes from ruining your outdoor fun.

Interested in an automated mosquito misting system to keep your outdoor areas pest-free year round? Call for a complimentary consultation!

Keep the mosquitoes and other insects away this year. Take back your yard and pool with Bio-Tech Mosquito Pest Control and enjoy the outdoors again! We’re the mosquito control experts in The Woodlands, Conroe, Spring, Montgomery, Magnolia, Tomball, Cypress, Memorial, Kingwood, Humble. We now offer services in Katy, Sugar Land and the greater West Houston area.

Now you can once again enjoy outdoor fun and move back into your backyard and onto your deck. At Bio-Tech Pest Control we offer mosquito control solutions that WORK. One of our technicians will spray the deep patio and front entry areas, as well as the tree line around your property, plus all bushes, trees and landscape areas. We can treat up to 5000 sq.ft. with a 21-day warranty. If your yard is larger, call for pricing.

Be sure to ask about our one-time mosquito barrier spray treatments for special events or parties. Purchase as needed or ask about our specials to enjoy mosquito control all season long. Or for a mosquito misting system in the yard, you can take comfort in the knowledge that we employ pest control systems for mosquitoes that are automatic and require no worry or effort from you. Our system is weatherproof, rated for high pressures, and uses high-quality tubing.

For automated, long-term control, our mosquito misting system includes an agitator system that delivers consistent blends for more stable results and zoning kits are available to aid in the mosquito control of larger yards.

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Do you have a Mosquito Problem?

What living creatures would you think kills more people than sharks, lions and snakes every year? Would you be shocked to know that a mosquito kills more people every than any other living thing? Mosquitoes fly around easily spreading the dangerous and often fatal diseases they carry. The most well known disease that is spread by mosquitoes is malaria but they also can transmit others such as chikungunya, yellow fever and dengue fever.

MistAway Mosquito Misting System

With a mosquito misting system, the need for personal repellents or other less effective mosquito control measures can be significantly reduced, providing a more comfortable and chemical-free outdoor experience. By controlling mosquito populations, Bio-Tech’s mosquito misting system makes outdoor environments more pleasant and livable, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor spaces without the annoyance and risks associated with mosquitoes.

The automatic mosquito misting system works consistently to keep your yard and property free of lingering mosquitoes. This can make the outdoors more enjoyable for all your residing and visiting family and friends.

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How does Mistaway work?

The Mosquito Mistaway System is set up around your property and yard to eliminate mosquito activity. It works within the landscape of your home and is kept virtually out of sight. The system is set up outdoors and the main unit is placed in an area that has access to water and electricity. The tubing is set and misters are placed as often as necessary, according to the size and shape of your specific property. The misters are set to a timer that will spray a botanical insecticide during the times that mosquitoes are most active but other beneficial insects such as bees and butterflies are not; usually during dawn and dusk.

There is also an option that allows you to manually spray whenever you feel it necessary. This allows you to spray for instance before you go outside or have an outside barbecue or get-together. The mist lands on the grass and plants and not only deters mosquitoes from entering your yard, but if they are already present in any of the misted areas they will be killed instantly.

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One of the main benefits to calling Bio-Tech Pest Control for immediate installation of the MistAway Mosquito Misting System is that you can have a mosquito free yard and property right away. This means that you can enjoy your time outside with your family and friends without the fear of mosquitoes interrupting your activities.

Another benefit is that you can have the system work whenever you need it, instead of waiting for a technician to come out and do a once over spray. This system is not obtrusive or unsightly; it stays out of sight and can be hidden well within the existing trees, plants and bushes that are already on your property. Call Bio-Tech today and start enjoying mosquito free living!

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