And the millipede parade begins…

May 17, 2016 | pest control

Millipedes might be fun to watch as a kid but as a grown up, it’s annoying to see them in your living room and worse, seeing your cat play with them. Millipedes prefer to live in moist, shady areas out in the garden but recent heavy rains have flooded their natural habitat and caused them to migrate to higher ground, better known as your home.
Missing or worn out weather stripping around doors, windows and other cracks and crevices provide just enough space for them to find their way into your house. Do a thorough check for gaps in these areas and seal doors and window frames. Make sure to remove piles of debris too close to your home as well as cut back vegetation too close to the foundation. Once inside, without their normal habitat conditions, you’ll likely find many curled up and dead inside your home. The easiest thing to do is vacuum them up, but to keep them out, it may be time to have a liquid yard treatment around the foundation, yard and other millipede harborage sites for a more effective approach.

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