Lurking pests are ready for Spring!

Feb 27, 2018 | ant control, pest control

Don’t let this late cold snap fool you. For those of us in the South with bursts of extreme changes in temperatures, sometimes within the same week, we tend to get rodents, insects and other pests almost year-round. Be ready for them by seasonally checking around your home, not just once a year.

We’re already receiving calls for earwigs, centipedes, ants and even mosquitoes, and it’s not even officially Spring yet! These pests are starting to pop their head up during the warm bursts. Flush out these overwintering pests from their underground hiding and nesting areas with a quarterly yard insect service. Using a truck mounted rig to spray the entire yard now will also help ward off the coming months of Grub and Chinch bug season. Mosquito control can be contained with a monthly spray of the deep patio and front entry areas, as well as tree line around property, plus all bushes, trees and landscape areas. These services should also focus on all potential breeding areas, such as low-lying areas or lids that collect stagnant water. As a homeowner, filling in these low-lying areas and making sure water is not collecting or sitting out for extended periods will go a long way to diminish recurring pest issues.

You also may have noticed with the rains, small fire ant mounds starting to surface. Treating early, before new colonies begin to form is optimal. A yard spray using professional grade material can provide up to 12 weeks of insect control. For longer control of fire ants, granular methods are recommended to reduce and eliminate the colony. Before pests overrun your yard and spill into your home, have your yard treated now. Talk to your Pest Professional to find the right service for you.

And don’t forget those other pests like raccoons and possums. They may be cute in pictures, but one tearing into the side of your home to nest quickly becomes not so cute when it’s you that has to pay for the repairs!

Raccoons are not picky eaters. Whether eating from garbage cans with loose fitting lids or even dog food left out, to your vegetable garden, they are constantly hunting for food. Make your home and yard less inviting for these critters to access your property by checking the perimeter of your home. Seal up open entryways and clear away clutter to discourage pests from seeking refuge in and around your home.

If you have any questions about these, or any other yard or home pests, our service reps are ready for your call at our main number 281-296-6022. Or contact us via email if this works better for your busy schedule.

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