Landscaping, Mulch and the Termite Connection

Apr 8, 2016 | termite control

It’s that time of year to start sprucing up the garden beds and landscaping. Whether you are doing major landscaping or just adding mulch to the yard, this is the perfect time to address springtime subterranean termite swarmers when working out in the yard.
Swarming termites could be a sure sign that there is an infestation nearby. Check the foundation for pencil width mud tubes leading up the foundation structure. If you don’t have enough experience in termite or other pest identification, most reputable Pest Control Operators will provide complimentary termite inspections and guide you in options for termite control and prevention.

Now that you have done your visual inspection, it’s time to take into account the type of landscaping you will be doing.
When it’s time to apply mulch in the foundation beds, be sure to leave at least 6-18 inches of barrier space between the home’s foundation and mulch. Mulch is meant to keep the soil moist and temperate, but by the same token may provide a connection with the home and can increase the potential of termite infestation.
If you’ve had a termite barrier treatment, you should avoid moving or altering the treated soil areas as the soil becomes compromised and the risk of termites entering the structure is increased and reduces or eliminates the effective barrier. Mulch placed too close to the foundation can form a bridge over the chemically treated soil, allowing the termites to bypass the barrier and enter the home.

When adding foundation shrubs, be sure to allow for the future growth of the shrubs so that visual inspections of the foundation are easily accessible. This is especially important if planting shrubs or plants with thorns or spines.
We also recommend vines not being grown on wall structures as this may provide a route of entry into the structure for subterranean termites.

Remember, taking preventative measures and a proactive approach is always preferred, but even if you need to make adjustments to recent landscaping, there’s no time like the present in defending your home against termites.

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