How do I Keep Indian Meal Moths out of My Dry Goods?

Feb 7, 2015 | Uncategorized

Are you ready for a shocker? When you purchased those dry goods, the insects were already there. They are an added bonus; a freebie you might say, and not one that you wanted! Since it is common to have these insect eggs already in the grains, flour and dry goods you purchase (especially pet foods and bird seed) it can feel a little disheartening. However, there are some things that can be done to keep the eggs from turning into little bugs that crawl up your walls and on the ceiling, soon to morph into moths!


Firstly, after your purchase, place the dry goods in a plastic bag and place in the freezer for a minimum of 4 days. This should kill anything alive in the product and keep the eggs from maturing! If there is space, it is a good idea to store them long term in a freezer. The second thing that can be done is place bay leaves inside canisters and cabinets. Bay leaves repel pantry insects. Thirdly, store dry goods in air tight containers; glass, metal or plastic. Those cellophane packages that much of the processed foods are packaged in are NOT airtight and they are easily penetrated!


Once there is an infestation in a pantry or cabinet, it is important to check all remaining food products stored there. If there are any contaminated food found, toss the box or container out, after sealing the food up in plastic bags!  There are some who will use freezer or heat method to kill any live pests and then sift out the culprits and still use the product. This is obviously a personal decision; it is best if space is a problem to purchase sizes that can be used in a relatively short time and always use opened products before opening a new one. After searching and tossing all infested items, clean the shelves, paying close attention to the edges and corners. A pantry filled with lots of storage items that are not rotated and / or used in a timely manner are at high risk for infestation.


If you have done all that you can and are still having problems with pantry pests, call a professional pest management team member at Bio-Tech Pest Control for an extra hand!

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